David Duvshani, “JOURNALS” (Cahiers) 2012

david duvshani_carnets_plan dexposition

David Duvshani is a painter. He often works in small-scale scetch journals, where he draws and paints landscapes and scenes inspired by his surroundings. These sketches form his basic material, from which he produces other works. Much like a purifying factory that refines the same images over and over. His works often deal with the subject of Orientalism, as an imaginary trip into an ideal land.

The ambition behind this show was to present the artist’s work retrospectively, using separate rooms in order to create “worlds” or stages within the artist’s body of work. The visitor in this exposition travels chronologically from his earliest piece to his most recent. Moreover, his journals were presented in order to present the procedure of the work- from raw materials to finished works.

david duvshani_carnets_visit palestine

“VISIT PALESTIN” Projection of 80 drawn slides, 2011

david duvshani_carnets_plans

“CARTES MEMOIRES” 2012, Vue from the projection room

david duvshani_carnets_diversJournals, 2011-2012

david duvshani_carnets_carnets

“CARNETS” Screen prints 2012

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