BADLAND Sonia Payes & Nabil Savio Azadi 17 July to 9 August 2014

The Badland: a place of cruel, unmarked beauty. Its original meaning refers to dry, harsh territories characterised by a lack of vegetation and water. The Badland is also the realm of the outcasts, strongly associated with our fear of the strange and the unknown. Crossing to The Badland is a radical act of separation from society, a journey into the heart of terra incognita. Its inhabitants are those who, by choice or by force, are condemned to a life of wandering. They do not ‘look’ at the landscape, for they are the land itself.
BADLAND is a record of a journey. A visual slideshow into the wilderness by two separate pairs of eyes. It is the output of two traveller artists in their moment of confrontation with foreign lands. A quiet, observant study of topography, dissected slowly to layers of emotions.
– Bar Yerushalmi, exhibition curator
‘BADLAND’ general view
Nabil Savio Azadi, Now I Must Walk Across Seventeen Mile Rocks (2014), inkjet print on Museo Portfolio Rag, 72 x 107cm
 Sonia Payes, Interzone #4, 2013, C-type print, 120 x 84.5cm
 Nabil Savio Azadi ‘Badland’, 2014, Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Torchon, 56 CM x 84 CM
Nabil Savio Azadi ‘Healing’, 2014, Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Torchon, 56 CM x 84 CM
Sonia Payes, Untitled (2014), type-c print, 55 x 120cm

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